EY Nation, we all know that the holidays are a wonderful time of year, but they also can bring a ton of stress if we don’t have a plan to navigate the family gatherings.  We have been reading that up to 80% of all of us find the Holiday season to be ‘somewhat’ stressful.   Stress can come from so many different forms, will our crazy uncle say something completely inappropriate to a daughter or niece’s boyfriend?   Will a parent decide now is the perfect time to announce a new political view?  Will a sibling decide she didn’t feel like bringing that dessert you were promised? 

Nothing should be surprising when it comes to family gatherings but we can 100% assure you the stress is normal and there are lots of great ways to cope with it.

So cozy up in your favorite outfit, give yourself a 5 minute meditation and dive into creating a plan to make your holiday less stressful

Be Smart with Eating

During the holidays the temptations are everywhere.  The key here is to set some boundaries, give yourself some slack and be aware of your intake.  We like to find some healthy alternatives to complement a little of the good stuff.  Nothing wrong with having ½ of that piece of pie but maybe load up on the veggies rather than the stuffing and the reward is the pie.

Change your Expectations

There is no such thing as the picture perfect gathering.  Try to focus on the reality, rather than focusing on the perception.  If you can stop focusing on the perfect time or perfect food, you just might find a great time with those you love.

Doing too much

We have a close friend who has a great outlook on his spending.  He constantly reminds us of his outlook  “It’s not how much I make, it’s how much I spend. If I don’t spend it, it’s not an issue”.  The holidays are a lot like this, if you don’t want the stress, don’t sign up for too much.  Too many activities, too many events, too many parties will leave you frazzled and not in a healthy state of mind.

Stay safe and stress free this holiday season!

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