Have you been traveling for work or the holidays recently?  How about trips for the New Year? We have been getting back on the road and found ourselves in planes, ubers and hotels.  While it can be a little daunting navigating the world these days, seeing our favorite people has been worth it!



Travel Outfit

We love traveling in a comfortable but stylish travel outfit if we don’t have to bolt straight to an appointment.  Great leggings, a loose fitting t-shirt and a cozy sweatshirt has been a good layering outfit. 


Packing Food  

While some of the airports are back to normal operations, everything seems a little slower.  The lines for some of our favorite lattes, we are Starbucks junkies we can admit it,  have been pretty staggering so rather than panic at the wait times, we have been packing some food.   Turns out it’s a little healthier which is a bonus!


UBER Cleaning Strategy

This one is a little tough as you never know what you are going to get during the pick up.  When possible, we have been leveraging family to drop us off at the airport but when it’s not possible, we are really focused on keeping our masks on and immediately using some antibacterial hand sanitizer when we get out.   The travel sized Antibacterial Gel has been working well.  We attached one to our carry on so it's always accessible. 


Car Rentals

While this was not our normal go to move pre-Covid, we have been renting cars a little more often.  Why you ask?  Because we can control the cleanliness of the car with a thorough wipe down once we get the car.   The car companies have been pretty good at the cleaning process but we take that extra step and do a wipe down ourselves.


Wipes Disinfectant vs Antibacterial vs BZK

It’s important to note that hard surfaces need different wipes than hands.  We bring along some travel wipes that are disinfectant, and we have had good luck with the Cleanitize Travel packs found on Amazon. We use these on any hard surfaces such as steering wheels, handles, knobs, basically anything we are going to touch in the car.  On the plane we wipe the seatbelts, the connectors, the travel trays, the arm rests, the seat in front of us and anything else we might touch.  Just wipe them, let them air dry and all set to go!   We also have some wipes for our hands but it’s important to use the BZK or Antibacterial for your hands vs disinfectants.  The disinfectants are too harsh for our skin.



We use our handy travel wipes to wipe down the high touch areas and we have not seen any real issues so we don’t go too crazy in the room other than an initial wipe down.  We have been sticking with well known brands that have a published cleaning strategy as an extra measure.  https://clean.marriott.com





Whatever your trip entails, Have fun and be safe!

-Team EY


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