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Hello Electric Yoga Friends,

I am Stephanie Eisenberg, the creative director and CEO of Electric Yoga.

A couple years ago my mother Michele Bohbot, the creator of Bisou Bisou and XOXO, decided to design a brand that tailored to her needs as an avid yogi. 

Being a young professional and working mother I have two full time jobs as most of you can relate. I have taken over the responsibilities of Electric Yoga two years ago and have expanded the brand to offer a more fashionable and comfortable experience. 

As a yogi/fitness lover (even though I barely have time for the gym) I am constantly inspiring myself. I live in West Hollywood where there’s inspiration on every corner. I am frequently seeking creativeness across the world and always find colors, spices, sunsets, and even attitudes contribute to my designs. The feminine force behind each style reflects the essence of the modern woman. I want to inspire all women to live a healthy, more balanced and spiritual life. Each one of us can design our life day by day. 

As a designer, I am dedicated to only offering you the best experience in fitness/lifestyle apparel. I am up for the challenge of ensuring that our clothing is tailored to fit all body types and will persistently improve our materials and yarns to offer my customer the best fit and look.

Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions or comments regarding Electric Yoga.

I invite you to harness your personal electricity and take charge of your life.


Stephanie Eisenberg (Bohbot)


     Don’t be Basic. Be Electric.

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