About Us

Our life is extraordinary. It's a constant movement, a persistent change, a need to move forward. Nothing can stop its energy. At Electric Yoga, we are the custodian of that vitality. We create, dress, and enhance that power to sheer electricity. Touch, feel, wear, plug-in and intensify your life.

Electric Yoga is a luxury activewear brand designed with inspiration among all opportunities. Each piece is delicately made to inspire you to feel and look your best. When you feel good and confident in your skin it empowers you to do more. We are here to provide to you activewear that is designed to offer you quality flattering and comfortable activewear that lasts through infinite wear and washings. Our mission is to help women across the globe feel better in order to do better to change lives and improve the world among us.

We are here to cater both women: The woman wants a black sleek form fitting design that makes her feel confident and ultimately pushes her harder at the gym which motivates her to do better. On the other hand, there is the woman who is driven towards louder colors, vivid prints that activates her movements impelling her to walk with better alignment and encourages her to perform better in her workout routine.  Being mindful of what you wear and how you perform is the true meaning of studio to street fashion. We are relentless about making the best active wear clothing. Through our signature logo of the bolt that symbolizes electricity and our lifting performance fabrics, we want you to take risks, be confident and bold, and help you harness your inner electricity. We strive as a community of women to harness your inner energy and inspire you to push harder to be stronger for you and your future. 


We exist to create the tools that can help you unlock your power and tap into your deepest inner core and hit your potential. 

Be Electric! #ElectricGirl


"At Electric Yoga, we are relentless about making the best active clothing. We want the clothes you wear to empower you to take risks, be confident and help you harness your inner electricity."