Electric Yoga – Our Story


Welcome to Electric Yoga! We are so happy you stumbled upon us and even happier you want to learn more about the mysterious lady behind the brand ;D

Stephanie Eisenberg, the creative director and CEO of Electric Yoga found her niche at an early age. Growing up in the garment industry she was surrounded by a fashionable fast paced culture. Taking after her mother’s traits, hunger for design runs deep within the family. Creating a brand that electrified her passions and tailored to her needs as an avid yogi was how Electric Yoga came to be, and Stephanie’s spirit for it is infectious!

Sometimes I encompass different traits through the clothes I wear. When I dress in something bold and bright you better believe I’m the happiest and loudest one in the room! What I want for Electric Yoga is for you to do the same. Be energized, motivated and flexible when rocking those audacious leggings. I want the clothes you wear to empower you to take risks, be confidant and help you harness your inner electricity.

Ever expanding, Electric Yoga is growing into a brand that offers a more fashionable and comfortable experience with a creative twist while promoting a healthy and smart lifestyle.

As a mother, Stephanie chooses to wear active clothing which matches her personality – always on the go and continuously moving forward. She works hard as a mother and as a designer, providing you with a mix of high fashion trends in a fast fashion world. Wanting to cater to all personalities and styles, Electric Yoga seeks inspiration from many avenues.

“We’re not afraid to take a risk at Electric Yoga, I invite you to harness your personal electricity and take charge of your life!”


Stephanie Eisenberg (Bohbot)

  • Don’t be Basic. Be Electric.