We just love the holidays in our house.  While over the years the season has definitely changed we are determined more than ever to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Physical Health

It’s important to keep the body strong so we can focus on other important aspects of our lives

  • Hygiene:     We are going to continue to practice good hand washing to prevent the spread of germs
  • Bundling:     We are going to bundle up to stay dry and warm. Throwing on a pair of EY leggings, a sweatshirt and a scarf is something we know brings all the style and comfort!
  • Working out:     We are going to carve out the time to get our workouts in.  It doesn’t matter what, just that we are doing it. Some of our favorites are Yoga, Orange Theory, Cardio, Weights and Run/walk together (ok to be honest I try to run because I committed to it, not because I love it).  The important thing here is that even if it’s only 20 minutes, we are going to get it in as it helps with our mental attitude as well as our physical bodies.
  • Walking:     We are going to continue walking Margarita (our family sheepadoodle) 2 miles every day.  Margarita loves it, it's healthy for us and is a great way to clear the mind for the day ahead.


Mental Health

Being physically active is really just part of the battle.   We need to work on our mental health as well to insure the balance we all crave.

  • Passion:     We are going to dedicate time each day to focus on our work with Electric Yoga and the awesome new line that is in development.  Creating innovative product that makes our customers happy is a passion of ours. We are loving the team here at Electric Yoga and where they are taking the new lines.
  • Active Friends:     We are going to be active with family and friends.  It’s up to us to reach out and keep those connections going strong.  It’s too easy to let the day swallow you up. This bit of joy and connection is like a feel good boost and we want to honor it. 
  • Clear the Clutter:     In our house, it's important to not let the clutter happen.  We find if everything is in its place, it’s a mental boost and starts us off strong.  To that extent, we are going to adopt the one touch rule!  If we pick it up, we are going to put it down in the right spot.  Why put something where it doesn’t belong to only have to move it later.  It’s twice the work and 100% more stress.   This one is going to be harder for one of us than the other!!!
  • Snacking Smart:     We are going to snack and eat mindfully.  We love to indulge, but we don’t love the way we feel after so this holiday season, we are going savor the taste and enjoy special treats but try to keep the train on the healthier side of the tracks.
  • Family Stress:     We are not going to let family stress us out.  This one deserves a post all on it’s own!  However, in this case, we are going to practice patience.  We are going to be patient in our listening, responses and actions.


 How will you be staying healthy this holiday season?

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