With the start of the New Year, it’s easy to get swept back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Before the year gets ahead of us, we like to take some time to envision what we want it to look like.  Here at EY, we like to focus on intentions rather than resolutions. Whereas resolutions need to be conquered, and can even potentially be failed, intentions give us the space to improve without rigid deadlines or guilt. We aren’t racing to perfection, just trying to improve ourselves at our own pace. We have listed a few of our intentions for 2022 below!


Health and Wellness

  • Try a new class- We all have our favorite classes (one of ours is Orange Theory!) But this year we want to challenge ourselves to new experiences. We have been looking into new studios like Anna Kaiser Technique and even Barry's Boot Camp! We think this workout gear is a perfect match.  
  • Recenter- Yoga is core to our practice and brand. This year, we would like to continue to use yoga not only as a great way to move our bodies, but also still the mind.  We really love this set to practice our vinyasas.
  • Have more fun- Have you tried paddle tennis? We haven’t either but it’s on our list. This sounds so fun and of course we have the perfect outfit to try it out. These leggings are tried and true to help with with any of our workouts!


Deepen our connections

  • Gather (Safely!)- Some of our greatest gifts and joys are found in connecting with others. Who doesn't look back fondly on long weekend trips with friends, or an impromptu dinner with family? Some of our best memories are spending time with our crazy friends! This is a great happiness booster and stress reducer!  We are looking forward to reaching out for that coffee chat, a night out together or even a phone call to a distant friend to catch up. We want to have more moments to add to our cherished memories.
  • Take time for ourselves- All of the activities and connections in the world aren't as rewarding if we don't take care of ourselves. This might look like getting comfy in a cozy outfit and curling up with tea and a great book or face masks and tub time! It can also mean setting aside a few minutes every  day to meditate and check in with yourself.
  • Eating in- Although it can be challenging, we find cooking healthy food at home to be incredibly rewarding, and more importantly, nourishing for our bodies.

Whatever additions, experiences, or activities you do, we’ve got you covered here at EY. We have some big changes coming in 2022 and can’t wait to share with you! Our talented designers are creating the perfect pieces you will want to live, lounge and thrive in everyday! Keep your eyes out for sneak peeks… Cheers to a New Year!



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