How are you doing? We are in the thick of winter and loving the coziness of the season. The colder weather makes us want to bundle up and hibernate, tending to go out less and cuddling up more. We have offices all over ( Chicago, Los Angeles, Australia to name a few) so I am speaking for the chillier areas.  But I think we can all agree that just the mention of winter makes our senses seek comfort. There are many recommendations on how to thrive this season but these are a few of our favorites over here at EY. 


Tip #1  Drink it up.

  • Make a ritual of a fun mug and something seasonal in it.  We found classic beautiful mugs at Willams Sonoma and absolutely love their varieties of hot chocolate! A custom mug from Etsy and a seasonal flavored coffee from Trader Joes is another favorite.


 Tip #2 Light it up. 

  • Turn on your fireplace.  The instant soothing vibe of the fire sets the mood for coziness. You don’t have one? There are apps on your tv, we know Netflix has a few, that will display one for you! You still get the esthetic and when you put on this comfy lounge set, it’s the perfect match.

Tip #3 Warm it up

  • We are obsessed over these adorable furry stuffed animals called Warmies that you can warm up in the microwave! They have the soothing scent of lavender.  Their items are actually filled with dried lavender from the fields of France! You pop them in for 90 seconds and they stay warm for hours. Snuggle them while relaxing with a movie, book or even to warm up your bed! We also love the booties and neck wraps they carry.  This is a cozy level 10 out of 10!


Tip #4 Step it up

  • We all need to keep our blood flowing but especially in Winter.  It helps fight those winter blues.  While getting outside might be way too cold for some of us, there are plenty of options.  There are free exercise videos all over the internet for whatever sounds good to you that day. But if you can get up the courage to leave your house, hit a new class, gym or get some of that free fresh air and go for a walk. We recommend our warmer set for these colder temps. 

However you decide to enjoy this time of year, know that we are deep in our couch, sipping a hot beverage and thinking about our next workout! 

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