Although most people want to be able to prioritize their physical health, often there simply is not enough time in the day to squeeze in a couple hours for weight lifting or a 5 mile run.  Between commuting to and from work, getting enough sleep, and finding hours to scroll through social media (guilty!), it can feel like there is no time left over to move your body. 

Thankfully, modern problems have modern solutions. High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT, for short) has taken the country by storm in recent years, and it is no wonder why! HIIT workouts have a plethora of benefits extending well beyond their time-saving capabilities. 


We cannot talk about HIIT without talking about time efficiency. With this training technique, short circuits of high-intensity cardio such as burpees and mountain climbers are paired with even shorter rest periods to get your blood pumping. Researchers have shown that HIIT burns 25-30% more calories than a standard exercise such as distance running, and continues to burn hours after your workout has ended. With workouts lasting between 20 and 30 minutes (and benefits lasting much longer), even the most time-crunched can squeeze it in! Make sure to try this 20 minute class by Maddie Lymburner for a great burn!

Because these workouts can be intense, extra care must be put into your wardrobe choices.












We definitely recommend wearing a pair of our Love Yourself Leggings. These compressive seamless leggings are sure to hold up to any workout, but are especially good for HIIT as their anti-chafe design is perfect for quick, repetitive movements. Pair these with our high-impact Foil Cheetah Printed Bra for a cute workout look that is sure to comfortably keep you in place.

You will also want to invest in a good headband like our all-over bolt headband to keep stray hairs out of your eyes!


By the nature of HIIT workouts, multiple muscle groups are targeted through each exercise, making them great for full body workouts. For example, when performing a jump squat your quads, hamstrings, and glutes are targeted, however your core and upper body must engage as well to maintain balance. Plus, the small recovery time between rounds helps to train muscle endurance, making it easier for  you to work harder for longer. 

To ensure maximum mobility (and to show off your new-found muscles!) try our Side Tie Tank with low-cut armholes that are sure to keep you cool. If you prefer a little more coverage but still want some extra ventilation, our Transparency Tank and Unisex Love Tank are other great options!


Improve brain function

Just like other forms of exercise, the benefits of HIIT far outlast the gym. Of course we all want to look good, but feeling good is even more important! HIIT workouts have been proven to improve sleep, memory, and even mental health. After all, 



 Keep yourself healthy (and your loved ones safe!) by trying out a new HIIT workout this week!

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