Hey all! I know summer is coming to an end, but a special season has just begun. You may be thinking to yourself, I know there are only four seasons...right? Well, we’re talking about the seasons of the zodiac signs! That’s right, it’s Leo season! Leo season officially started on July 23rd and will come to an end on August 22nd. Now I know not everyone is into astrology signs, but the more you look into it, the more you can truly understand your inner self and along with your everyday actions (just like yoga). So, whether you’re a Leo or you want to know more about your friends that are, we have some highlights for you! 

Traits Overview: 

Leos exude warmth and creativity. This goes hand in hand with them always having a large group of friends to hang around. Although they may have a lot of friends, they always want to be the center of attention. And I mean ALWAYS. The Leo of the group will never settle with being the side character. Their huge personality will always shine above the rest of the group, or so they think. They can be a little bit vain sometimes, but hey, nothing wrong with loving yourself! Leos like to live on the luxurious side of life. Don’t catch them ever spending a night in, they want to go out and experience new things! 


As mentioned above, Leo’s are very creative. You will never have a boring night with them, they can always think of something different to spend time doing! Not only are they creative, but their sense of humor will always light up a room. Leos also tend to follow their passions in life, they will NEVER settle for less. You go Leos! They know what they want, and will go get it, and no, they don’t need your opinion to do so. This makes them great leaders, making one of their top career paths CEOs! To go along with their creativity, a lot of Leos also become actors. They are very generous and loyal to their friends, so even if they may seem a little self-centered, they always have your best interest at heart!  


Leos can be a little arrogant and self-centered. They don’t like being treated as anything other than royalty. But hey, no hate from us, we know you are just practicing that extreme self-love! Everyone deserves a little self-love, right? Although they are very creative and passionate, Leos can be lazy. They are often inflexible with their plans, so even though they are fun to hang out with, maybe they aren’t super reliable on plans. Leos, you might be a little unpredictable, but that’s what makes life fun! 


Leos like to have fun! They enjoy going to events such as the theater and taking lots of vacations. Since they tend to be a little more into luxurious things, all these expenses don’t bother them. They’re simply living life in the best way they can: spending money and doing new things. We don’t blame you, Leos! If you have a Leo friend, I have one word for you: COMPLIMENTS! Leos love being admired, so if you tell them something positive about themselves, we guarantee it will make their whole day. To go along with their outgoing personalities, Leos love bright colors and fun designs. If the typical Leo was wearing Electric Yoga, this is how we would dress them: 

To show their wild creativity, we would recommend a few of our cheetah print styles including our Foil Cheetah Printed Bra to match with our Foil Cheetah Printed Legging. 


 For that fun pop of color, we would recommend our Tie Dye Tank and Tye Dye 7/8 Legging. 

 To add an little extra fun to your outfit, we recommend our All Over Bolt Headband. 

 Leos, these fun items will definitely draw all the attention to you, you can’t miss them! 

 Leos, enjoy the rest of your season! We hope this helped you learn a little more about yourselves. Oh, and how much you can shine in Electric Yoga! 


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