Have no fear, Virgo Season is here! Starting on August 23rd and lasting through September 21st, this season brings us back to reality after a boisterous Leo season.  

As opposed to fiery Leo who encourages you to step into the limelight, Virgo season is the perfect time to buckle down and focus on your goals. It’s no surprise that it often overlaps with the start of the academic year! The renewed energy and focus after the lull of the summer sets the stage to act on what you want to achieve this fall. The Virgo identity is deeply tied to acts of service, meaning there is no better opportunity to work hard for everything you want.  

Take this time to start new projects and get organized! Renewal is the name of the game during this season, so purging the old to make room for the new is the name of the game, whether it be your daily habits or even the old clothes in your closet. The new-found space and mindset will make room for the new habits (and even wardrobe additions!).  Our Sundrop Joggers and matching top are perfect for those days when you are organizing your class schedule or refining your work routine. 

Virgo season is also the perfect time to integrate new healthy habits. Whether this mean trying a new style of eating, waking up earlier, or trying a new workout class, it is time to put in some WERK! The practical energy is sure to keep you committed to your goals. If you are struggling to find new exciting ways to move your body, we recommend checking out a new online class like Ballet Beautiful where you can try new barre workouts every day! These exercises go perfectly with our Double Down for Love Shorts and Faux Wrap Love Bra.  

Virgo’s perfectionistic tendencies will be felt by all the signs this season, so it is important to lock in on this energy to make sure you live up to your potential this fall! The results of the work you put in now will be felt through the rest of the year and beyond. That being said, don’t be too hard on yourself! Your pursuit of perfection should not prevent you completing your goals. Anxiety also runs high during Virgo season, so make sure to work in some grounding practices like meditation to keep you productive and level-headed.  

Our together Bra, together leggings, and mind over matter top pair perfectly with a meditation practice! The together set is not compressive which allows you to sit comfortably through the duration of your meditation, while the mind over matter top will keep you warm with a little ventilation for extra temperature control. 


Overall, Virgo season is all about regaining control of our lives through small changes. Even a small positive influence will be sure to ripple across all aspects of your life. Whether you add a short walk to your weekly routine or even commit to your skincare at the end of the day, it is sure to make an impact. Make sure to take advantage of this positive energy this season, we know we will be! 

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