Don't you feel like there are not enough hours in the day? How could we get everything done in a 16 hour day and not be stressed while doing it? 

If we could do more in less time, we would all say YES! Time is the only thing we can't buy which is why it's more valuable then money! 

Some times our health suffers because we are working to make money, and as we age we spend our wealth on our health to seem younger. 

If you ask a person above the age of 60 if they would buy back 10 years 99% would reply "Absolutely". 

We all know time is one of the most limited resources so let me give you some tips on how to save time:

1. If you're someone who always loses your keys, have a spot for them at the entrance of your home.

2. Plan your day ahead of time and create a calendar. Always write things down, and make your list visual.

3. Focus on one project and get it done! Time is money!!

4. Pre-sort laundry, by creating dividers with your bins.

5. When cooking, keep a bowl by your side limiting the amount of times you go to the garbage.

6. Limiting your choices. Take the big task, slice it and attack.

As former President Obama said, "Too much choice is paralyzing". Establish a routine at the office or at home so that way you limit the amount of times saying, "just one moment" Always try to be active and not reactive.


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