I don't know about you, but when I get a cute new activewear item I get a sudden urge to show it off at my Pilates studio around the corner. 

Choosing the right attire for your upcoming gym session, yoga class, or at-home training is an essential part of achieving an excellent workout. 

Very important things to look for:

  • Comfort- This is extremely important. We don't want to wear a piece that you can't breathe in twice. 
  • Fashionable Basic- Investing in a new legging or sports bra must be a piece you can wear multiple times in a month
  • Breathable- No-one wants to wear something that doesn't dry quickly and stinks.

It's important to have certain essential clothing pieces that allow you to workout comfortably while still looking cute. Next time you're considering buying a new legging or a new sports bra, do it not only because it will add value to your wardrobe, but because it just might make you want to sign up for that next class around the corner. 

My personal favorite legging, as a mom that is always on the go, is the Honor Legging since it has 6 pockets and it moves with me. I can wear it to work in a blouse and at the gym with my Basic Criss Cross Bra. The High waisted legging and long bra cover everything that needs to be covered as a mother.  

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Awesome blog And yes choosing the right fabric for yoga and other fitness is necessary, it’s help us to do workout comfortably


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