You have a party... but the thought of wearing jeans, pants, a skirt, or even a dress is stressing you out! Why can't you just stay in your leggings!? WELL, NOW YOU CAN! Follow these 5 easy tips and you'll be able to pull off wearing leggings, to a work event, a dinner party, an after-party, and even on a date!

1. Find The Perfect Legging: First things first, you have to find the perfect legging. This will be the base of your outfit. This legging has to have compression to make you look put together while accentuating your figure. I recommend a High Waisted Legging that is either plane or has a different material/design which adds style. My go-to is the Moto Inspired Legging because of the edgy moto detail which adds texture to the legging. It's perfect for a night out to pair with a leather jacket and boots! My second go-to legging is the High Rise Controlled Legging. It's tummy tucking and has compression to hold you in. It is a perfect base because it is extremely black and can be work to the gym or to the after-party, which means it's ultra-comfortable. 
best moto legging
2. The Perfect Shoe: Okay, so here's the trick. HIDE THE ANKLES! When you're wearing leggings out, you don't want it to be noticeable.. right? You have to hide your ankles with stylish shoes. This means, boots. Any time of boot. High boots, low boots, booties, over the knee boots...etc. As long as your ankles are covered, you will be too! Whichever boots you like, wear them. Personally, my favorite boots to wear with leggings are either over the knee boots or booties with heels!
leggings with boots
3. The Perfect Jacket: This may be the most important part of your outfit!. You will need a fashionable jacket to go well with your leggings and shoes. The trick is to go with either leather or suede. Both are fashionable yet functional. Suede and pleather jackets add edge and style to your outfit. You might look in the mirror and forget you're wearing leggings too!
jacket with leggings
4. The Perfect Long Top: Since you're wearing leggings, you need a long top. Something a little oversize, but not too oversize. You need to look professional and sophisticated while looking stylish. To do this is simple. You need to wear something like an oversized turtleneck or flowy blouse!
turtleneck with leggings
5. The Perfect Bra: You may be thinking... why do I need the perfect bra!? Well, believe it or not, a way to look put together is to have a good bra! People notice your chest more than you think they do! A good bra promotes a healthy posture which improves your overall appearance. I recommend a Cross-Back Bra that brings your shoulders closer together while lifting your chest and making you look confident! This small detail ties together your whole look and makes a huge difference to your overall appearance.
POSTURE BRAcross back bra

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