The good, the bad and the ugly!
Being a working mom can have its' challenges!
You have to dress, bathe, feed the kids, put yourself together, and work a minimum of 7 hour days. How are we supposed to get all of this done while still not looking like we've been hit by a train?
ONE WORD: ORGANIZATION! And here's what I mean:
1. Preparing meals in advance. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks!)
2. Making detailed and thought out lists for the market. That way, it's a one-time a week market trip!
3. Waking up 40 minutes before the kids are up. (which you never really know what time they're getting... but ballpark it and hope you are right!)
4. Breathing and doing yoga/meditation for at least 10 minutes a day is literally one of the only ways to stay sane in this crazy schedule! So lock yourself in the office for 10 minutes between emails and breathe).
5. Planning your outfits the night before is also a must because, at 6 AM, goodness knows what you will pick out!
- Some easy basics we suggest you choose are The Diva Legging that has a fun edgy twist to spice up your attire. It is coated in velvet and subtle stripes to make you seem taller and trendier. Another option is Electric Yoga's Elle Legging. It is a must as it's ultra-comfortable, high rise, easy to wear and easy to pair! Not to mention super comfortable and body contouring! 
This is where comfort and style meet in the bra department! The Courtney Bra is super comfortable and offers a bit more padding than usual to offer full comfort and support in your 12 hour days.. not to mention your chest will look great! The Harley Legging is the go to as it has deep pockets and is high rise for that tummy control support. 
Here at Electric Yoga, we are not just trying to sell you an outfit, we are trying to sell you a breathable, easier lifestyle as a woman. 

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