Alright, ladies... 2020 is around the corner and you know what that means! TIME TO COMPILE A LIST OF YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.

Here's the thing. Everyone makes New Year's resolutions... right? But only 1% of people actually stick to them. How disappointing. It's like you set a goal to lose weight and get a revenge body, but January 2nd rolls around and you're hungover wanting to eat only carbs than just say you'll start on Monday and the cycle repeats.  Here are 5 tips to sticking to your New Years Goals. 

1. ONE DAY AT A TIME:  Every morning wake up and tell yourself that today you are going to do well. Whether that's handling your anger, stress, food, exercise, or work ethic, today you are going to do well at whatever it is you want to do well in. 

2. DON'T STRESS OUT: Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Whenever you find yourself stressing out or being very close to breaking a resolution, breathe. Go into the bathroom, look in the mirror, splash some water on your face and tell yourself "I can stress out tomorrow... not today". And tomorrow do the same thing. Keep pushing it off until your resolutions become habits. 

3. HIT THE GYM: Even if you ate that donut or an entire tub of ice cream with M&M's, you should still hit the gym. Maybe don't run 5 miles, but just go on a brisk walk, or hit the elliptical. Get moving because it will release good chemicals in your body and brain which will get you back on track. Just because you fell off the wagon, doesn't mean you can't get back up. Just by being in the gym you will feel motivated to continue your resolutions. 

4. LOOK THE PART: If you look put together, you'll feel put together, and then you'll start acting put together. That's right! A tip is to never ever have frizzy hair. Use hair spray, water, gel, oil, anything... as long as your hair is tamed and clean (dry shampooed), you are one step closer to looking put together. Another tip is to wear clothes that flatter your body. This means no more oversized hoodies with sweats... even if you're running to the store! If you want to wear a sweater, fine, but wear it with fashionable leggings like The Miley Legging, or a cool sweatpant like The Kelly Sweats. If you want to dress comfortable, at least make it trendy comfortable!

5. ORGANIZE: Make your bed every morning. This may seem like a tedious annoying task with no benefit, but that is so wrong! Making your bed is the first accomplishment of the day which will lead to greater accomplishments. When you have an organized environment, you have an organized mind, and then your resolutions will become your priorities automatically. 

So in conclusion, take it one day at a time, don't be too hard on yourself, force yourself to be active, even if it's just walking, look put together, and organize your environment. These are all steps you can take to finally sticking to your resolutions!



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