Here's a little story. 

I was at a new year's party and found myself hanging out with beautiful exotic models and thought to myself "It must be so nice to feel good in your body and not want to change a thing about it". I wasn't jealous but at the same time... I WAS. 

It was as if they read my mind because, at that moment, they all started complaining about their bodies. One said "My shoulders are so broad, I feel like a man!", the other than said "at least you don't have body builder calves"... and then another said 'You guys are so pretty stop it, not like me... my stomach is so ugly and my thighs don't match my torso". And then it started coming out of them like lava. One hated her nose, another hated her hands, it was as if my whole world turned upside down. I thought beautiful models saw themselves as the outside world sees them. Then it hit me, I don't see myself as others see me, I see myself as worse! It's like when you have the tiniest pimple and you think it's the first thing people see when they look at you, but in actuality, no one notices it but you! So that's the first tip in building your body confidence.... 1. You notice your flaws from a mile away while others wouldn't see them with a magnifying glass. REMEMBER THIS FOREVER AND NEVER FORGET IT. THIS IS CRUCIAL TO ATTAINING BODY CONFIDENCE!

2. Act like you have all the confidence in the world... and it will eventually come true. I know... this sounds crazy, but have you heard about that thing where if you smile for a long time you'll end up feeling happy? Well, it's true! The same goes for confidence. If you force yourself to act confident, you will end up feeling it. Have you noticed there are some people who every person finds mesmerizing, and you can't seem to figure out why because their just not objectively good looking? Well, it's because body confidence is attractive. Carry yourself with extra confidence and you'll start to feel it. When you look in the mirror and you find your mind starting to go into the "flaw territory", quickly snap out of it and walk away and tell yourself that you're beautiful. 

3. Always follow a negative with a positive: As much as we try to love everything about our bodies, it's very hard... so a trick is that whenever you look in the mirror, or look down at yourself and point out a flaw or something you don't like, right after, point out something you do like about yourself! So for example, if you look down at your thighs and wish they were different, right away you could think "But I do love my chest", or " I do love my waistline"...etc. This will increase the way you feel about your body and promote body confidence. 

4. Find an active hobby: Working out is hard... but not when you love the activity! This can be tennis, dance, nature walking, kickboxing, biking, swimming, basketball, or anything that keeps your body moving! Doing this will help you feel strong and in control of your body which will increase body confidence... it will also tone your body which will help you feel good in your skin. While working out, wear a legging with compression and a high waistband which will help you feel confident as well by shaping your body. The perfect legging for this is our Perfect High Rise Legging.

5. Last but not least, show off what you got!: Highlight your greatest features which will lead you to focus on those rather than the ones you don't like. For example, wear another color besides black... you will see the difference it makes in your confidence! Blow out your hair.... or try something different with your hair that you've always wanted to try! Wear funky shoes or put rainbow clips in your hair... do something that will express your inner style. When you stand out, even if its subtle, people pick up on this and perceive it as confidence.... so give it a little time and you will too! A great way to express yourself is wearing a legging other than black... like the This legging in purple!  Or even wearing a colorful sports bra under your tank like this Bra in red! Or even wear a matching set like the This Set! It's animal printed which is super trendy and flattering!


In the end, true confidence comes from no one but you. You can get a million compliments, but at the end of the day, the only person compliments matter from are from yourself! So let's work on that confidence because you're beautiful and DON'T LET YOUR MIND BULLY YOUR BODY!

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