How to go from emotional eating to emotional healing in 2020!

Make your new year's resolution a good one and start with your mental health. When you're healthy in your mind, you're healthy in your body. The two directly correlate with one another!

Here are 5 tips to end emotional eating and start emotionally healing:

1. ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE!: Many people don't realize that the first step to an organized mind is an organized space. This not only refers to your room... but your home, car, bathroom, drawers, desk, office, closet, calendar, email inbox.. and everything in between! First, start off by making your bed and you'll find yourself organizing without realizing it! When you are in an organized and clean environment, your mind and emotions will start to level out and feel at ease.

2. QUIT SUGAR FOR 21 DAYS: Okay okay relax! We don't mean all sugar... but any refined and processed carbs and sugars. The first 21 days is so hard... trust me, but it takes 21 days to build and break a habit, which means after 21 days, not only will you look and feel better, but you won't crave unhealthy food and will officially put emotional eating behind you. When you start this 21-day challenge, tell yourself that after 21 days you can go back to eating whatever you want... but by day 21, you won't even want to, which is the best thing ever!

3. HYDRATE AND SWEAT: Sweating releases cortisol which is a natural stress reliever. The more water you drink... the more your body can sweat the stress out! Stress plays a huge part in emotional binging which in return can actually be labeled as self-harm. By sweating and staying hydrated, your skin will improve, your health will improve, and your mental health will definitely improve! Don't workout only to lose weight... but do it for your mental health. Working out can mean running, doing yoga, pilates, swimming, biking, dancing, or even speed walking! Just get up and start sweating and find a workout you love. Here at electric yoga...we love tennis and yoga! Find an active hobby and stick to it... and don't forget to wear something that makes you look and feel good! Like the Perfect High Rise Legging which is quick-drying and tummy tucking and pair it with the Ribbed Control Bra for ultra support and comfort!

4. DRESS THE PART: This is a fact: WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD YOU FEEL GOOD! When you get dressed, wear something that you know other people will notice... whether that's a pop of color or a certain fabric, it'll boost your confidence and stop your emotions and racing thoughts from overpowering your mood! Without knowing it... you'll be eating a healthier and smaller amount of food! To help with this style upgrade... wear something like The Miley legging or Mariah Legging! Both are shiny and will stand out. The Miley is a little more subtle with moto details and a pocket, while the Mariah stands out but makes your body look so good! These will give you the confidence you need to feel and look good. 

5. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF AND STOP COMPARING: You finished that project? Be proud of yourself. You did your makeup well? Be proud of yourself. Did you get out of bed this morning? Be proud of yourself. Did you go to that workout class? YOU ARE A QUEEN! When you are proud of yourself for the small things... even if you think you could have done a better job, IT WILL LEAD TO YOU ACCOMPLISHING BIG THINGS! Stop comparing yourself to others because, at the end of the day, everyone can compare themselves to someone. There will always be someone who can do something better, but there will never be another you! Remember that and remember that you are special. This will promote self-love and will stop you from emotional eating, and promote emotional healing!



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