Can't leave the couch? Do you keep running to the snack cabinet? Waking up late? Do you have no motivation? WELL DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP! ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE NORMAL.. and the best part is... YOU CAN BREAK OUT OF IT!

Follow these 5 tips to increase your motivation and get out of your quarantine rut: 

1. WAKE UP AND WALK: You don't need to be excessive and start running the hour you wake up. But you should walk. Right when you wake up, wash your face, do what you gotta do, Put those leggings on, or shorts on, those sneakers on, and walk. You can walk slow or fast... as long as you are moving and breathing fresh air. Walk around your neighborhood, put some music in, and get moving. It can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Your time is your choice. Doing this will boost your serotonin and clear your mind before you start your day. If you feel productive in the morning, you will feel productive throughout the day. You will also digest easier and be in a better mood. 

2. NIGHTTIME ROUTINE: You may not have as many obligations in the morning as you usually do, but your nighttime routine should stay the same. This involves skincare and cleanliness routine. Put a facemask on, moisturize your skin, do a hair mask, brush your teeth, put the phone away an hour before bed, meal prep... Do what you gotta do to ensure you wake up the next morning ready to tackle anything... even if you have nothing to do. 

3. LOOK PRESENTABLE: Throughout the day, it's easy to find ourselves in sweats, no bra, and a messy bun with oily skin and chipped nails.... but here's the part that will shock you. PULL IT TOGETHER! Fix your nails (we know it's tough-going without your manicure lady but you gotta be self-sufficient). Fix your hair... put it in a sleek bun, ponytail, or just brush away the frizzies. Make sure your skin is always clean. Even putting on makeup will increase your confidence and boost productivity. Take off those sweats and put on a bra! You will feel like a person again!

4. WEAR NICE WORKOUT CLOTHES: It's easy to throw on leggings and a worn-out t-shirt... which is why you shouldn't. Even if you are not leaving your house (but you should still go on a walk), what you wear has a huge impact on your mood. "Getting dressed today" does not mean black leggings with a hole in it and my old camp t-shirt. It means wearing something your proud of. Wearing something you know your gym partner would compliment you on. Wearing something you would post on Instagram and your followers would ask you where it's from! Wear something like the Foil Cheetah Set, The Army Set, Or the Tie-Dye Set. These active sets are super comfortable, supportive, and so so cute! Not ready for durability, go for these SEAMLESS sets! No seams and all love. You will feel like your in sweats without the negative thoughts and connotations that come with sweat. You will be that girl on the walk that people stare at and say "wow, she's got it together". All because you're wearing a cute workout set and your hair is clean!

5. PICK UP A HOBBY: Always wanted to learn Chinese? DO IT. Always wanted to learn how to dance? Find tutorials and dance it out! Always wanted to start a blog? GET TYPING! Now is the time to explore your talents and go to the depths of your creativity! We are routing for you!


The point is, don't beat yourself up because you've been in the same outfit for 4 days and gained some weight... Almost everything is reversible. Follow these 4 steps and you will feel better than ever. When this quarantine is over, you may find yourself wishing to go back! YOU GOT THIS. THE FIRST STEP TO HAPPINESS IS TAKING THE FIRST STEP. 

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