Are biker shorts in style 2020? YEP! The Biker Shorts trend is still going strong. Especially, nowadays it’s like the little black dress that every woman should have in their closet. 

So what is the trick to do with them?

First things first, find yourself a simple black biker shorts that make you feel good and comfortable because comfort is the key. Luckily, we have the softest Jacquard Biker Short for you that is designed to wear all-day everyday.  

Whether you’re wearing them with an oversize blazer and heels for a polished look or layering them under a slip dress that's gathered or tucked just enough to reveal your spandex bottoms for a summer night, we fully approve.

Here are some inspiration photos with an oversize blazer

If you are not feeling fancy to wear blazer, you can definitely go with an oversize T-shirt and sneakers as well, It's the ultimate casual look that you can rock over and over.

If oversize tops are not your style, then a chic fresh white shirt might be your thing. White shirt always make you look polished. It's super simple but so cool!

Have a stylish day!

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