Push off wrinkles and feel healthier for longer! THIS IS A MUST-READ! 
Working out is so important! It not only makes you feel younger but it may just turn off the aging process in your chromosomes!
Recent studies associated regular exercise with the lengthening of your telomeres... which can actually help you live longer.
Here are 5 key points to help you look and feel younger for longer:
1. Eating the right foods: Avocado, blueberries, lemon, and tomatoes are all amazing foods to help fill your skin with collagen and increase elasticity.
2. Topical treatments: Baking soda mixed with lemon juice can help bleach your skin naturally to remove sunspots and decrease unnecessary puffiness / dark circles. Rubbing olive oil around the eyes twice a week is a phenomenal way to moisturize and firm loose skin. Lastly, applying coconut oil on your face for 10 minutes, twice a week can help reduce fine lines.
3. Working out: increasing your heart rate for 25-30 minutes a day is amazing. We suggest you wear high impact leggings, like our Full Shaping Legging! Another great legging for high impact workouts is the Harley legging as it has a great side pocket for your phone! The Full Shaper High Impact sports bra or Courtney Bra are also amazing for high-impact activities.
4. High-Intensity Workouts: On a cellular level, running, swimming, bicycling slow down the aging process more than weight lifting! Our Larka Biker Shorts are amazing for cycling.
5. Lastly, when you're going for a run in our Sofia Leggings, please make sure to wear SunScreen. If you smoke, STOP! Smoking ruins your skin! Relaxing is great to avoid wrinkles as well. Make sure to lounge in our Monroe Legging and Monroe Top! It's so important to take time and relax. Meditation is the key to help your brain work more efficiently. 
Let's keep our youthful skin glowing and going! 

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