Hello everyone!

We can't express how excited we are to take this journey with you! As an active wear company, fitness is our top priority. So much so that, believe it or not, our office team takes short breaks to run around the block to make sure our activity isn't stunted by our work load!

For the most of my life, I always hated running. I felt that I wasn't good enough, and during a run I would constantly take breaks the moment started to feel to hard for me. I felt as though I would never get better and instead of working on it I just told myself I will never be able to call myself a good runner. One day I decided to confide in a friend about my insecurities towards my fitness level. She is a woman who takes fitness very seriously and is one of the strongest people I have ever met. Her response was "well, it gets hard for everyone at a certain point, but that's when you have to push yourself farther in order to improve!" That really stuck with me. For the longest time, I looked at runners and thought to myself, "why is it so easy for them, and so hard for me?" I put myself into a box.

Then I decided to change my perspective. I decided to stop comparing myself to others, and start working as hard as I can to improve myself one step at a time. If I felt I could only take 10 more steps, I would push myself to take another 20. I went from not being able to run two blocks without stopping to running two miles without stopping in a matter of a few months. Sure, it's hard. But the harder it is, the stronger you're becoming. One step at a time.

Another way I channeled my dislike for working out into love is by choosing the right clothes. It seems silly, but clothes can really help propel you forward while you run! The right legging for the right workout is essential. For example, my favorite legging for running is the Cobra Legging! 

Today's workout may seem a little challenging for our beginners, but doable for every level. The most important part of a workout is to PUSH YOURSELF beyond your limits--you would be surprised about what you can do!



Don't forget to check our video on Instagram to see proper form for each rep. 

Warm up:

Either a short jog or 2 minutes of cardio--one minute jumping jacks, one minute high knees.

Rep 1: NON STOP HALF BURPEES! Drop down to a plank, but instead of using momentum to propel yourself into a jump, stop at a squat position. Make sure your chest is up in the squat, your arms are forward and your chin is up.



Rep 2: BOX JUMP STEP DOWN. Prepare for the jump in a squat with arms down to the side. Explode with energy, sending your arms forward to propel yourself upwards. Land in the same squat you started in, and step back down.


Rep 3: MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. This is where you really push yourself to go as fast as you can. Start in a plank position with proper form- do not drop your butt down! Alternate left and right knees to the chest, resulting in an on-the-floor run in place. DO NOT STOP!


Repeat this 4 times for maximum exertion, and do not let yourself falter! You can do it! Don't forget to show us Your results, videos, heart rates, anything to show us how you are doing!

And don't forget to #BeElectric

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