People dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression do not necessarily need to seek doctors for help. These days, Medicine is given way too often and too easily. A little surge of endorphins in a daily routine might just be your perfect dose of medicine.  Keeping up with an active routine has helped me stay positive, motivated, and healthy.  🔋
According to WebMD, "Exercise improves your overall fitness, which can help boost your immune system -- the body's defense against infections. Some studies show that "moderate-intensity" exercise may cut down the number of colds you get." So ditch the medicine, and get moving! 
Do you hate running? Well so do many people! That is not an excuse to work out as there are so many alternatives. Which is why I go to fun dance classes, kickboxing gyms, and cycling studios. All of these activities get my heart rate up and are so much fun!
Practicing yoga myself has taught me to be happier and calmer. Living with the fear of failing and falling into old patterns is a struggle.
Some other benefits of exercise are: 
1. Boosts your energy 💪
2. Improves your sex drive ❤️
3. Natural anti-depressant 🤗
4. Promotes better sleep 😴
5. Strengthens your immune system 🔋
Electric Yoga offers the woman key pieces that are vivid in colors or prints to help motivate the person to work out a bit harder and to soul search a bit deeper. 
We feel the need to create a community of students who love to learn and live a healthy life. Electric Yoga has become a staple for all of us who value both fashion & fitness.
Our goals are to keep up with the flawless stylish trends and continue to offer high-performance gear that helps you stand out at the gym.
We set ourselves apart by making sure you stand out in the crowd! Offering a strong and feminine aesthetics in our fabrics, yarns and key pieces. 
Here at Electric Yoga, we take pride in what we make. We strive to offer the woman the latest trends at the exact right price! 
Don't be basic, Be Electric... ⚡

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