The moment women find out they are pregnant a sense of urgency and planning begins to happen #Nesting. No matter how much we have organized our lives and prepared for the day of delivery; we never feel fully prepared. 

Cesarean or Vaginal birth is the same thing! A human being is coming out of us. The miracle of life!!! Nine long hard months and a beautiful living creature comes out! Epidural or not, the mother experienced pain, fear, anxiety and felt endless love. Training in yoga whether it be Iyengar, Ashtanga, kundalini, or Hot Yoga you learn the most important lesson that you carry for the rest of your life--> you learn to breathe. Breathing in highly stressed environments can help reduce stress and control levels of anxiety!  

Learning and knowing how to breath can help you in every situation.  Before a major discussion take a moment to breathe, it will help gather your thoughts and speak in a more efficient manner. 

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