The fashion industry has changed so much in the past five years. People used to run to the mall on their weekends to prepare to splurge on their Saturday night / going out outfit! Today, people will spend all their money on the latest fashionable expensive purses and shoes, and the rest are low price basics purchased online. Easy fast fashion is an accelerated growing market category, but are smaller brands going to survive in today's market challenge?
In my opinion, the consumer is looking for an experience, not just a great outfit. Malls must update their customer experience by adding cool pop-ups, art, music, etc. to motivate the buyer to make their purchase and come back! Unless that changes, people will continue to stick to convenience like subscribe box companies and in-expensive websites that offer free shipping.

Now when it comes to activewear, leggings aren't just a fashion trend, it's something you wear multiple times and want to feel comfortable and confident. Even when someone purchases an in-expensive printed legging, they expect it to have flatlock stitching and comfortable fabrics. Fast fashion products can get away with skipping the expensive sewing, but activewear can't! That's why it's important to find an activewear brand that is consistent, and not just for how it looks on the screen and price tag! Quality and pricing go hand in hand. 
Here at Electric Yoga, we try to offer the consumers durable activewear at an affordable price! 
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Don't be Basic, Be Electric...

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