Vacation and Electric Yoga


Ding ding, we snooze or jump up, brush your teeth, get coffee, start the day, head to the office, eat in front of our computer, race to the gym, shower, eat dinner, watch some TV, Netflix/read a book, lay in bed, sleep, Ding ding repeat...

As your days go forward you slowly move towards your goal to attain success. You set a rhythm for yourself and kind of snooze through it. Do we make time in today's day and age for some rest and me time? We constantly delay vacations or take short one to not miss what's going on. 

Sometimes, jumping into a over extended vacation can help you remove yourself from various problems that happen day to day. They actually get resolved without you there! Realizing that, can help you manage your time at work. Having a clear thought of how to better structure the business, work environment and even your friendships.  

Taking time off for you is important and not just a few days. A long enough vacation to help you realize a full circle could be done without you and that your time should be evaluated with one goal in mind. As they say, the cemetery is filled with " irreplaceable people".

Don't always stress on small details, paint the big picture on vacation, and work day by day to attain your goals. 

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