Core Values

MISSION STATEMENT Creating wellness and athletic elements for people to live Happier, Healthier, Energetic, Zen filled lives.
OWNERSHIP Take ownership of our health and our lives with positive choices that promote an Electrified lifestyle
BALANCE Keep balanced lives; Mind, Body, Spirit. Avoid excess and depletion of anything in and around us. Balance is the key to a state of well being.
POSITIVE Positive change in our world and our community to make it a better place for all our collective families.
LOVE EARTH Give the earth the love and respect it deserves leading green initiatives and environmentally responsible business practices.
SUPPORT Support our local communities through participation in charities, non-profit organizations, and efforts that promote health and wellness.
DELIVER Deliver style and quality to our customers that exceeds expectations.
CONNECT Seek out honest feedback from our customers and our Electrifiers to continue to improve our brand and our product.
DEVELOP Develop a clear and direct connection with our customers and make them a part of our Electric Yoga Family. We are always driven by their energy and passion to achieve our common goals.
LIVE ELECTRIC Live an invigorated lifestyle. We always have fun and refresh our energy with life’s colors, and provide a colorful and fun experience to everyone around us.
ATTITUDE A confident attitude is always fashion – even when we sweat!